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Looking back: the programme of Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018

2018 was a year with many highlights. In fact, the highlights can’t even be counted on one hand. Not even on two, or four! The Giants of Royal de Luxe, Mata Hari, De Stormruiter or Holstmeer – just a small selection of the impressive programme. Here you can browse through the entire programme and experience it all again.

The main programme consisted of the following

Opening weekend

Opening weekend

In the weekend of 26 January 2018 we officially opened the Cultural Capital Year. Click here to view it.



In this confrontational, compelling triptych, the girls of crisis centre Fier! and inmates of the Leeuwarden prison took you on a journey into the shocking world of loverboys. Three worlds, one story; from the point of view of perpetrators and victims. View the interview here.

Lost in the greenhouse

Lost in the greenhouse Lost in the Greenhouse is een muziektheatervoorstelling over de Mienskip. De Poolse cultuur ontmoet die van de Friezen in een tuinbouwkas op het Friese platteland.

A musical theatre performance between the peppers and cucumbers. How does that sound? Lost in the Greenhouse is a tragic love story that took place between those vegetables. Polish culture meets Frisian culture in a horticultural greenhouse in the countryside.

8th Day

8th Day European Neighbours Week, 8ste Dag

8th day was about life. About the impact people have on each other and the world. Just as life is unpredictable, so was the chain reaction. On 12 July 2018, 8th day caused a 5-hour chain reaction of people, things, machines, buildings and performances across the city centre.

At the water gate

At the water gate

Sneek: the most musical city in Europe. Really, not only during the legendary Sneek Week. As many as six thousand young musicians gave a mere one thousand concerts on about thirty different stages.

de stormruiter

de stormruiter

The international theatre spectacle of the year, starring a hundred shiny Frisian horses. It happened in De Stormruiter (‘the storm rider’), a spectacular performance about the eternal battle against the water.

The Giants of Royal de Luxe

The Giants of Royal de Luxe

Perhaps the most discussed event of 2018. The world-famous production of Royal de Luxe had its Dutch premiere in the Cultural Capital of Europe. Throughout the city centre of Leeuwarden, the metres-tall giants provided three days of unforgettable entertainment with their performance Big Skate in the Ice.

under de toer

under de toer de Kerk bij Swichum rust met uitgestrekt landschap.

The rich history of Friesland, told by the Mienskip. Under the Toer featured an impressive series of local stories in the form of unique theatre.

Other 2018 events

  • alma tadema

    Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema is een 19de-eeuwse kunstenaar uit Friesland die in Engeland en Amerika een superster werd.
  • Mata hari

  • in motion

  • romantiek in het noorden

  • yiddish waves

    De unieke Jiddische Fuks-collectie die Tresoar herbergt, was in 2008 aanleiding voor het ontstaan van een Jiddisch festival in Leeuwarden.
  • adje lambertsz

  • wereldburgers van de voorstreek

  • giorgio morandi en bologna

  • ISPA

  • finestra apeta

  • the tall ships races

  • opera spanga | aida

  • european sports for all games

  • sjen yn it tsjuster

  • into nature

  • oase oranjewoud

  • welstaat

  • the colorfield performance

  • de friese dansdagen

  • lûd

  • farm of the world

    Claudy Jongstra en haar team oogsten Calenudula
  • strangers on stage

  • escher op reis

  • avant-garde in groningen

  • look @ me

  • sailing on the grass

  • innofest

  • kening fan 'e greide

  • places of hope

  • european eyes on japan

  • wad

  • de pauperfontein

  • neverending orchestra

  • waterconnecting 2018

    Samen met aangesloten waterpartners ontwikkelt Water Connecting 2018 een waterprogramma dat water en gerelateerde waterproblematieken zo breed mogelijk vertegenwoordigd. Hierbij spelen kunst, cultuur, beleving en technologie een belangrijke rol.
  • fossylfrij fryslân

    Elfwegentocht, Fossiel Frij Fryslân
  • Dada in Dr8888

  • de reis

    De Reis is een community art programma dat werkt in de haarvaten van de Friese gemeenschap en dat de culturele kracht van onze provincie zichtbaar maakt.
  • potatoes go wild

  • lân fan taal

  • silence of the bees

  • phantom limb

  • rembrandt en saskia