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Rjocht or Unrjocht? (justice or injustice) Desperation and anger over House of Lords case


In the exhibition "Rjocht or Unrjocht? (Justice or Injustice?) Despair and anger over the Hogerhuis case," we reopen in Obe by Tresoar the trial of the three Hogerhuis brothers.

Were the brothers guilty or not?

Britsum, December 5, 1895. St. Nicholas Eve. Outside it is bleak, raining and storming. In Gatze Haitsma's farmhouse, the oil lamp in the living room is burning on low. While farmer Gatze, housekeeper Ymkje and her brother Sieds are asleep in bed, the gable window is pushed in and two thieves enter the house under the loud clink of breaking glass. The third thief remains outside. A violent confrontation ensues in which shots are fired and Sieds is wounded. Eventually the thieves take to their heels.

The Hogerhuis case 'reopened' in Obe by Tresoar

In the exhibition "Rjocht or Unrjocht?" (Justice or Injustice?) you can re-examine the Hogerhuis case. Information about the burglary, evidence and testimonies, among other things, will help you answer the question yourself: Are the Hogerhuis brothers guilty or not? Besides the complete criminal file of the Hogerhuis case, Tresoar also keeps information about other court cases and prisoners. In the exhibition you will discover all the information available at Tresoar about the Frisian prison system and read about former prisons in Fryslân through the ages.

For the most current opening hours, see the Tresoar website.

until 10 June

Here you will find Rjocht or Unrjocht? (justice or injustice) Desperation and anger over House of Lords case

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