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Exhibition 'Hait...portret van een hemd' (portrait of a shirt) by painter Hendrik Elings

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Exposition "Hait...portret van een hemd" (Dad...portrait of a shirt) by Hendrik Elings at Cultuurpodium Dorpskerk Huizum, Leeuwarden, from April 8 to May 13, 2023, every Saturday from 1:30 to 5 om. Free admission.

Hendrik Elings (1967, St. Annaparochie) as a painter is a product of artisanal and figurative painting still so deeply rooted in the north of the country. His paintings of landscapes bear witness to this. His paintings of animals and people show us all as vulnerable beings. That vulnerability is evident in the paintings he is exhibiting in the Dorpskerk Huizum. They are portraits of his father during the course of his disease process. He had Alzheimer's and died of it in 2009.

 "In my memory, my father used to always walk around in a white shirt; memory of a little boy. True or false, it always remained a powerful and beautiful image. This image of my father was the starting point to start making paintings of him. My father, big, strong, tough, in that shirt. Also defenseless, vulnerable and naked because of that same shirt. Even when my father became ill, I continued to paint him that way. His body and mind changed, the shirt remained the same but in time took on a different connotation: one of decay and deterioration. My father is gone.  'Lost in himself,' as he himself described his illness. The shirt remained."

In 2017, the painting "My father had Alzheimer's" won the national election for the "Painting of the Year. (Painting title: 'My father had Alzheimer's', 140 x 240 cm, oil on canvas, 2016.)

During the opening - on April 8 - the artist will be interviewed by publisher Eddy van der Noord.
Music will be provided by organist Jelle Rollema.

Admission is free.
Visiting address of the Dorpskerk Huizum: Huizum Dorp 67, 8934 BS Leeuwarden.

Near the church is limited parking space. Visitors can park - within walking distance and free of charge - in the large parking lot opposite Intratuin (south side Tijnjedijk).

More information at: https://www.dorpskerkhuizum.nlen

until 13 May

Here you will find Exhibition 'Hait...portret van een hemd' (portrait of a shirt) by painter Hendrik Elings

Huizum Dorp 67
8934 BS Leeuwarden
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