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During Museumnacht (Museum Night) on 30 September, Huis Van Eysinga will be taken over by Street-Art artist Roy Schreuder.

MUSEUMNIGHT.FRL - TAKEOVER Huis Van Eysinga by Street-Art artist Roy Schreuder

Huis Van Eysinga, one of Hendrick de Keyser Monuments' 13 museum houses throughout the Netherlands, will be taken over by Street-Art artist Roy Schreuder during Museumnacht.FRL on Saturday,  30 September. Roy is known, among other things, for the many beautiful art in public spaces that colour the city and far beyond. Huis Van Eysinga is the late 18th-century town house of the stone-rich noble family of the same name from Friesland. As a visitor, you step right into the late 18th century here and experience how people lived in the house, both the family and their staff.

On 30 September, between 7:00pm and midnight, the house will be in the 'bloom of the night'; that evening, street-art artist Roy Schreuder will use Huis Van Eysinga as an extension of his Sidewalk Gallery, just down the road on Koningsstraat. Art that was once practically banished to the night now shines in the historic interiors of the house. A wonderful contrast, in other words!

During Museumnacht.FRL (Museum Night FRL), Huis Van Eysinga will blossom in yet another way than you are used to. Because under the pleasant tones of a silent disco, you can admire and experience Roy Schreuder's street art and the extraordinary Louis XVI-style mansion. You can even choose which tones you prefer to hear; classical music, which totally matches the house, or contemporary music. Or you can switch from one to the other. As a visitor that evening, you can visit both Huis Van Eysinga and the Sidewalk Gallery.

And would you like to be portrayed in our dining room, just like the Van Eysinga family? Then come to Museumnacht (Museum Night) where you can have the cutest photos taken in 18th-century costume in the photo booth!

until 30 September 2023
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Here you will find Takeover Huis Van Eysinga by Street-Art artist Roy Schreuder

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