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Joris Collier at Galerie De Vis

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Galerie de Vis, Harlingen

Artist and performer Joris Collier at Galerie de Vis in Harlingen

Crazy and meticulous: Joris Collier at Galerie De Vis

He transforms into a living jukebox, plays bagpipes and Chinese violin and stables a 'Bread Horse' on the Wadden Sea coast for Oerol. Artist and performer Joris Collier often manages to surprise with his live performances. Here he appears with a wacky, metre-high bearskin hat, there in a diver's suit in an aquarium full of whale sounds. But merely 'surprise, confuse and entertain' does not do justice to the man Joris Collier.

Intense and meticulous paintings

In contrast to his unexpected, sometimes disruptive performances are his intense and careful paintings of - mainly - animals. With these, he will exhibit at Galerie de Vis in Harlingen in the near future. Everything that walks, flies around, swims and crawls on our earth is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the artist. He brushes his painted animals with a tender hand, and finishes his animal objects meticulously. Young and old are drawn to the looseness with which he aptly depicts rabbits, fish, deer and horses - especially large animals, because "they are my projection to be big and strong". His work raises questions about how we look at animals, and how we interact with them.

In stock at Galerie de Vis

Joris Collier trained at the Cardiff Art College in Wales and at the Vredeman de Vries Art Academy in Leeuwarden. His work is always in stock at Galerie de Vis, for whom he also does murals on the side wall. Even in the latter, his deep connection with animals can be felt. The exhibition can be seen from 18 March to 27 May. The gallery is open on Fridays from 13.00-16.00 and Saturdays from 11.00-16.00; also by appointment.

until 27 May

Here you will find Joris Collier at Galerie De Vis
Galerie de Vis

Noorderhaven 40
8861 AN Harlingen
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