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Ongehoord! Sta oog in oog met bijzondere verhalen in Obe


Unheard of! tells the story of 20 famous and unknown historical persons: personal stories, stories that give an insight into the society of that time, stories that make you laugh or frown, but above all: 20 unheard of stories!

Unheard of? Unheard of! Stories have been told since the dawn of time. Important events are passed down from generation to generation, entrusted to the pages of personal diaries, described in detail in letters to loved ones. Some stories are secret, others are world famous. The twenty stories that will be told in Obe from September onwards are simply unheard of: controversial in their time and in our time. In Unheard of! for example, the story of Mama Mata Hari is told and the story of a five-year-old boy who was on the run from war… Mama Mata Hari You probably know the story of Mata Hari, the exotic dancer who was accused of espionage and that had to pay with her life. But Margaretha Geertruida Zelle was much more than that. She was a loving mother who loved her daughter Nonnie dearly and wanted nothing more than to be with her. But in this she was opposed by her former husband. In a bundle of letters, donated to Tresoar and kept there, her heartache bursts from the paper and you get a glimpse into her grief and her fruitless struggle to create a good life for herself and little Nonnie. Fryslân as a refuge And then the story of the little refugee… Fryslân has been a refuge for many people throughout the centuries: during the Eighty Years' War many dissenters fled to the north and in the 17th century many protestant Hungarian students came to Franeker to study theology. study at the University of Franeker. During the Second World War, Friesland offered shelter to many adults and children (whether Jewish or not), and Fryslân is still a safe place for refugees from, for example, Ukraine and Syria. It was no different in the First World War. In Unheard of! you will discover the story of little Fernand, who had to flee Belgium as a five-year-old boy. The bond with his foster family became so strong that he maintained warm contacts with them throughout his life. Discover his story and other sensational stories in Obe! 20 years of Tresoar – 20 stories Unheard of! tells twenty stories for a reason, because Tresoar exists 20 years this year! Unheard of! is therefore a tribute to all the stories that are rich in Fryslân and Tresoar. With Unheard of! we give you a look at the treasury of Fryslân. We hope you will be inspired by these stories and we invite you to explore our archives yourself. Discover your story and add that story to the timeline you find in Obe. Because your story is also part of our rich history! The stage is yours In Obe, Tresoar is expressly looking for collaboration with various cultural organisations, artists and young talents who will participate in Ongehoord! want to make a program for young and old. During Unheard of! Obe offers a platform to creative people who want to tell a story. Think of storytellers, word artists, poets, writers, but also theater makers and dancers, because they too tell a story with their art.

until 15 January 2023

Here you will find Ongehoord! Sta oog in oog met bijzondere verhalen in Obe

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