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Frisian icons

We might live in a relatively flat province - in clear weather you can see the lighthouses on the islands from Leeuwarden - but when it comes to Frisian icons, we are head and shoulders above the rest of the Netherlands. From National Parks to industry movers and shakers. The Wadden Sea, the Ir. D.F. Woudagemaal, the Eise Eisinga Planetarium; these are just a few of the many exciting places to visit in our province.

  • Mata Hari

    In 2017, it will be exactly 100 years since Mata Hari was executed before a firing squad in Vincennes. Did she die as a double agent or as an exotic dancer?

    Mata Hari
  • Escher

    Reproductions of his work hang in millions of houses across the world and especially in areas where the visual arts have not yet been firmly established: in suburbs, apartment blocks, hair salons or teenagers’ bedrooms.

  • Listed buildings

    Castles and country estates, mills and churches: Friesland has a wealth of special buildings. They not only adorn our province, they also say something about our culture.

    Beeldbank 3271 Listed buildings
  • Planetarium

     You no longer have to go outside to see the position of the stars. In 1774 in Franeker, Eise Eisinga decided to turn his living room into a planetarium and his star ceiling still runs accurately to the minute.


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