What is LF2018’s budget and how much money is available?

“The budget is covered, amounting to approximately 72-74 million euros and consists of new money, money from cooperating organisations and people’s input. Our project leaders, fundraisers and sponsors are still trying to wheel in additional financial resources. To put it into context: previous Capitals of Culture such as Mons (2016), Rotterdam (2001) and Aarhus (2017) had budgets of anywhere between 51 and 71 million euros.”

How much money has been spent on Capital of Culture projects?

“The LF2018 foundation is a management body and has a budget of 53 million euros reserved for supporting projects that fall under the foundation umbrella.”

How is LF2018 funded?

“The municipality of Leeuwarden and the province of Friesland provide a large part of the funding for making European Capital of Culture 2018 possible. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Ministry of Internal Affairs pledged a total of €7.5 million. The European Union's contribution amounts to €1,5 million. These sums have been definitively committed, based in part on the quality of the programme. In addition to contributions from public authorities, the funding consists of local, national and international funds, contributions from industry and merchandise/ticketing.”

Are the projects, together with the LF2018 organisation, in search of funding and subsidies?

“We work together with projects for a number of fund applications. Whenever there’s room, we try to do it together as much as possible. A large number of funds have indicated that they want to finance projects directly instead of LF2018. And we think that’s a great idea! In conjunction with Keunstwurk, LF2018 also initiated stipe.frl where projects have access to all kinds of information regarding fund applications and subsidies. Stipe furthermore provides workshops in this area, plus the website contains an extensive list of foundations.

As LF2018, we can also open doors to funds for projects. Almost all municipalities have allocated additional funds for projects in 2018. All municipalities also have officials who specifically act as contact persons for projects. These officials can also assist projects when needed.”

How many main sponsors does LF2018 have?

“Three: ING, LOF and Arriva.”

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