Hoofdbeeld Yn it skaad fan 'e Toer

Yn it Skaad fan ’e Toer

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Slachtedijk 1
9256 HG Ryptsjerk
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Yn it Skaad fan ’e Toer is musical theatre about what the rumour brings about in the village. Some feel that a grave is a place of rest and must not be violated. Others see euro signs and opportunities to better themselves and the village. Then – one morning – the floor is broken open...

A story with roots going back to Antje van Uylenburgh, the sister-in-law of Rembrandt van Rijn who is buried in this church. And with Antje’s spouse, the free-spirited Polish theologian Johannes Maccovius. At the age of 27, he was already a professor at the University of Franeker, but he was also a church dissident, notorious lush and frequent visitor to prostitutes.

The mystery of Antje, intertwined with the curious behaviour of people back then and now, casts a shadow over the village...

Text: Margreet de Heer. Director: Hans van Buuren


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