love for all

The first ‘Love for All’ week will be held from 27 October to 3 November in Leeuwarden in a very aptly named venue, De Harmonie. Whether you’re gay, lesbian, bi, hetero, transgender or transsexual - everyone is welcome! All performances in the ‘Love for All’ week will centre around the theme of love: affectionate love, tragic love, but most of all, love for everyone. This special week will build up to a final fantastic international concert event on 3 November: DIZZ=Harmony - epitomising the Love for All festival! Featuring lots of DJs and including performances by Ferry de Ruiter, Doppelgang and the winner of Eurovision Song Festival 2014, the one and only Conchita Wurst!

It’s all part of L(ove) F(or) (All) 2018. This year, the Capital of Culture 2018 shows that Friesland is a real rainbow province and that Leeuwarden is wonderful pink city. Love for All: let’s party (or maybe better) ‘Rise like a Phoenix’!

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