Group package deals in the European Capital of Culture

The programme of events for Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018 is bursting with special projects perfect for company outings and business groups. Looking for a day that would delight your network with content that would interest them? How about an evening out with your team? Or a business meeting in the European Capital of Culture? Maybe you’ve already found it: right here.

A few of our package deals to give you an idea

Personnel package in the European Capital of Culture

Cultural Team Outing in a scenic nature reserve

Contacting the projects
Looking for someone to find exactly what you’d like and give you the best tips for what your company or network needs? If so, contact us. Our team knows all the details about the best activities and places to be in Friesland. And, of course, about all the events associated with the European Capital of Culture. The team will listen to what you want, give you advice, and put you in contact with the right company or network. 

Presenting Partners
Presenting Partners
Business Partners