The Opening

The big moment. Now it really kicks off. From the 27th to the 29th of January 2018, we all officially open our Cultural Capital Year.

Sense of Place

Landscape art, with and in the tidal flats.

WaterConnecting 2018

A real water embassy in the city in 2018, with a water bar, a water lily pavilion and a water park.

Celebrating Diversity

Together with initiatives like Kening fan ’e Greide and Silence of the Bees, we put European cultural and biocultural diversity on the map.

The Sea! The Sea!

An international literature festival about the role of the sea in our way of life.

The Giants of Royal de luxe

Puppets so big that they stand head and shoulders above the office buildings. Big and impressive!

Farm of the World

We show how creativity and collaboration can bring past glory to life.

Strangers on Stage

Strangers on Stage brings international performing arts and red carpet premieres to Friesland. 

Under de Toer

Every church has a story that the local community knows.

Potatoes Go Wild

Potatoes Go Wild is an art project that shows how farmers produce basic foods in a modern way and how the food ends up on our tables.


Eleven of the world’s leading artists were linked to eleven Frisian cities.

At the Watergate

Thousands of musicians from throughout Europe perform over three days.

Explore the North

Explore the North is Leeuwarden’s general arts festival.

Sailing on the Grass

A special part of the world: the terp landscape.

Noordelijk Film Festival

The Noordelijk Film Festival is always exciting but it will be extra special in 2018. Filmmakers and young audiences will be central.

Yiddish Waves

Arab musicians and Frisian poets meet each other in a music festival and there is a dance event with international DJs: Klezmer meets Chaabi.

Mata Hari Expo

Immerse yourself in both the myth and her real life and gaze at her personal belongings and letters.

Dada in Dr8888

Mondrian is the most famous member of the De Stijl, you’ve undoubtedly heard of him.

Lân fan Taal

Lân fan Taal is a major programme with multilingualism as the theme.

Lost in the Greenhouse

Lost in the Greenhouse is brought to you by the Orkater musical theatre company, theatre De Lawei and Bureau Klaas Toering in close collaboration with Polish theatre makers.

Welcome to The Village

‘A World that Works’ is the goal of the large group of friends behind Welcome to the Village.


Anyone can do it and everyone does it: vlogging is totally hot now. But the kids in Leeuwarden take it a step further.

De Reis

De Reis addresses subjects in Frisian society and allows artists to provide artistic answers to societal questions.

8ste Dag

A community-art-work initiative in which people from various artistic disciplines - technology, education, craft, folk entertainment - meet each other and collaborate.

Fossylfrij Fryslân


If you’re the most popular artist of the 20th century, you deserve an extensive exhibition.

Migrating Ceramics

When it comes to ceramics, we are the hub of a worldwide web. Ceramics have spread throughout the world for centuries - often from the Netherlands.

De Stormruiter

De Stormruiter is a complete experience with horse acts, music and theatre. The main roles have been set aside for 120 Frisian horses that tell a story about the eternal battle against the water.

Oranjewoud Festival

In Oranjewoud’s leafy parkland, near Heerenveen, you can enjoy a high-quality, international classical music programme during Royal Woods.

Opera Spanga | Aida

Adje Lambertsz

A multidisciplinary project is starting in September 2017 at all Leeuwarden primary schools. Central in this is the development of new self-awareness and stimulating strength and creativity.


In November, the city will burst with countless events in which we relive the most amazing moments of 2018. 

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