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Alma Tadema 'classical seduction'

This event has now expired.

Seductive Roman women, veiled in sultry robes and set against dreamy vistas. Day-dreaming lovers reclining on almost translucent marble benches and ladies spending their time paddling, feeding fish and lounging around. But also a Pharaoh holding his dying son in his arms, muscular gladiators in a bloody fight, and unsuspecting partygoers that will be smothered under an avalanche of rose petals at any moment. 

Alma-Tadema takes us into everyday scenes from classical antiquity and really brings them to life. He portrays antiquity so recognisably and convincingly that directors use his paintings as a blueprint for spectacular films like Gladiator. The special collection of these beautiful paintings could be admired as from 1 October 2016 during the unique exhibition at the Museum of Friesland.

Largest collection
The museum already had the largest Alma-Tadema collection in the Netherlands, partly obtained from Alma-Tadema and his daughters Laurence and Anna. In the autumn of 2015, the Museum of Friesland made the largest purchase in its history: Tadema's Entrance of the theatre. This purchase made the Museum of Friesland the only museum in the Netherlands that could show the full development the painter went through during his career. A special experience for visitors to this seductive exhibition.

Top paintings by the most successful painter of the 19th century came to Leeuwarden from all over the world. Along with personal objects and film clips, they provided insight into his world. Alma-Tadema - classical seduction was shown from 1 October 2016 to 7 February 2017.

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