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Opera Spanga | Aida

A true classic in modern clothes: that’s Opera Spanga's Aida. This opera about war, hate, love and forgiveness will touch your heart. Opera Spanga brings you a contemporary version of Giuseppe Verdi's masterpiece. A unique theatrical experience.​

In Giuseppe Verdi’s classical opera Aida, love comes into conflict with war. God is used as the reason and the murder and plundering is done in his name. Corina van Eijk, artistic director of Opera Spanga opera company, sees how Aida has once again unfortunately become topical due to current world conflicts.

Food for thought
Opera Spanga presents its own version of Aida in 2018. This version of the opera shows that wars have no place in these times and that there are no winners, just losers. A task that can be entrusted to Opera Spanga. The company is known for creating a theatrical experience that offers the public new insights and food for thought.

De Rottige Meente as a stage
Opera Spanga has organized a fringe programme in addition to the opera: De Rottige Meente as a stage. This programme also shows us how useless and disastrous hate, revenge and war are. It includes three newly composed triumphal marches in collaboration with the Culturele Hoofddorp De Hoeve, a photo exhibition by Noorderlicht, a theatrical-digital experiment 'The Lab for Hidden Humanity' in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam, and an exhibit by artist Dirk Kerst Koopmans.

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