The frequently asked questions about the Giants of Royal de Luxe

1. When and where will the event occur?

Friday 17, Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 August 2018 in the city of Leeuwarden. The event is free to visit.

2. How many Giants will come?

Three Giants will travel to Leeuwarden: the Small Giant Girl, the Diver, and the dog Xolo. The Giants are happy to introduce themselves.

3. At what times will The Giants be walking through the city?

Please go to for the most up-to-date information. We also recommend downloading the LF2018 app. This is where you will find the latest news. It will also keep you abreast of any developments during the weekend itself. You should also keep an eye on the social media of LF2018 and the event. Please note that all times mentioned are approximate. 

4. Will The Giants only come to the inner city?

No, their itinerary takes them through a large part of Leeuwarden. They will walk through the inner city as well as through several of the neighbouring districts. Their itinerary can be found here.

5. Do The Giants follow a single route through the city?

No, The Giants will walk several routes. This differs from part of the day to part of the day and they will walk through multiple areas in the city. Sometimes they walk alone, sometimes they join up and walk together for a while. On Friday and Saturday, for instance, there are two itineraries in the morning and two in the afternoon. There will be a joint parade on Sunday.

6. Where can I find the itineraries?

The itineraries can be found on the website You can also download the LF2018 app. The itineraries will be published on 10 August. Information booklets with the itineraries will also be handed out in various locations throughout the city.

7. Where can I park my car?

Big Park & Ride areas have been set up around the city. You will be guided there from all access roads around Leeuwarden. The signs show current information about available parking spaces. A shuttle bus will take you to the city centre from the parking areas.

8. I will come by bus, will it take me to the inner city?

The bus itinerary leads up to the inner city. You can enter the inner city from the station or from one of the bus stops near the centre boundaries. Please note: there is a special bus schedule. 

9. I will come by train, how far is it to The Giants?

It is just a small walk from Leeuwarden Station to the inner city. Depending on the day’s itinerary, you will be near The Giants immediately.

10. I have difficulties walking. Will this event be suitable for me?

The city will be very crowded, with some 400,000 visitors expected to be in the city over the three days. Many streets will be closed off so you will have to do a lot of walking and standing. People visit the event at their own risk and we cannot determine whether it will be a pleasant experience for individual visitors. For more information about the accessibility facilities that will be available, you can visit the accessibility information.

 Tip: don’t go to the inner city, but watch The Giants along one of the itineraries just outside the centre. There will be more space here. View the itineraries at or download the LF2018 app.

11. I want to watch The Giants with small children. What are the best places to do this?

We expect big crowds at the starting and end points of the itineraries. However, the routes are very long and will also lead through less crowded and more spacious areas in the city. The maps will give you more information and times so that you can find the best places to watch. The itineraries will be published on 10 August on or download the LF2018 app.

12. Can I film with a drone?

No. Drone flights are banned in the sky above Leeuwarden. Only security services have a licence to use drones over the city.

13. What is the best way to keep informed?

The best way to receive the latest information is to download the LF2018 app and to keep an eye on the website These two platforms will publish the latest news about The Giants. You should also keep an eye on the social media of LF2018 and the event.

14. Is the city freely accessible?

No. From 07:00 to 20:00, large parts of the inner city will be closed to motorised vehicles and bicycles. This will be announced in the city by means of signs. Click here for more information


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