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Introducing The Giants of Royal de Luxe

Royal de Luxe is an extraordinary street theatre company. They are world-famous, but they have never visited the Netherlands. The company flies around the world with their impressive Giants, puppets several metres high and taller than the buildings around them. The Giants do more than just stroll around, they play with their environment. They look at you. They eat, dance, take a shower and sleep. People are enchanted by the activities of these amazing creatures. And so thousands of people gather for every show, hoping to watch the next instalment in the life of these giant puppets. A visit by the Giants is a show you absolutely have to see.


The Little Giant Girl

The Little Giant Girl is about 5 metres tall and weighs 800 kilos. Twenty people are needed to make her move and she is made from steel, poplar and lime wood. Her hobbies are gymnastics and eating candy and she often wears a green or pink dress depending on the weather. She has also been spotted in a raincoat and in a Mexican ensemble! She roams the city looking for her father and loves to let children swing on her arms.

the Xolo

The Xolo melted from a block of ice during a show in Guadalajara, Mexico. He is a Mexican dog, which the Aztec people consider a sacred animal. He is the friend of the Small Giant Girl and behaves like a real dog. He moves his tail, scratches himself with his foot, and sticks out his tongue! He weighs 350 kilos and is nearly three metres tall. Twenty people are needed to bring him to life, and his movements are very supple. He can reach a speed of nearly six kilometres per hour.

the diver

This impressive Giant weighs 3 tonnes and is 11 metres high! Around thirty people are needed to make him move and he is made from poplar and lime wood, leather and steel. He wears a diving suit with a helmet. Only his lower arms and hands are uncovered. His hair is made from horse hair and his brows from broom straw. His eyes are powered by small engines and are made from street lights.

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