Sailing on the grass

Sailing on the Grass – our dealings with the changing world in three stories. Seeing Friesland through the eyes of non-Frisians. International film directors create the documentary series Sailing on the Grass and immerse you in their perspective of the province. Under the motto 'you can see yourself better through someone else’s eyes’, they searched for colourful insights and hidden possibilities. The region is gaining in importance in a changing and growing world, but how does it relate at a time when the cultural values connecting Europe are becoming weaker?

The premieres of the films by Pau Ortiz and Andrea Pellerani take place during the Noordelijk Film Festival 2018 on Saturday 10 November at De Harmonie in Leeuwarden and will be broadcast by Omrop Fryslân on NPO2 on 17 and 18 November (Zoals zij) and 24 and 25 November (Zwitserse kust). An educational programme is also linked to the films and will be presented during the New Generations programme at the Noordelijk Film Festival on 10 November at Theaterskip De Bald’r. The film by Balazs Simonyi will premiere during the Noordelijk Film Festival in 2019.

So there’s something for everyone. Are you going to watch with us?

Based on a concept by Klaas Toering.

Copyright campaign image: Annemarie Bergfeld

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