Sailing on the grass

Seeing Friesland through the eyes of non-Frisians. Four international film directors create the four-part documentary series Sailing on the Grass and immerse you in their perspective of the province. The opportunity to really deepen your knowledge of Friesland.​

Connected by the mienskip
Filmhuis DOXY invited four foreign, young and talented directors to Friesland and asked them to put their discoveries on film, according to their own perspective. The movies are independent of each other, but at the same time linked as they depict life in the province and thus the functioning of the mienskip.

Four curious views
Each documentary has its own point of view and unique theme. '#future' for example looks at the future of Friesland and the struggle with nature to survive. ‘#health’ covers sports found only in Friesland. '#solidarity' brings our solidarity into view and shows how we deal with the influx of refugees to the province. '#identity' is a theme that focuses on the language and identity of Friesland.

Northern Film Festival
Sailing on the Grass will premiere during the Northern Film Festival. An educational programme will also be tied to each film. So in other words, there’s something for everyone. Join us for a closer look!

Based on an original idea from Klaas Toering. Copyright campagnebeeld: Annemarie Bergfeld.

Watch the videos here

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