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Silence of the Bees

Silence of the Bees: help for the bee

Life is hard for bees in the Netherlands. So hard, in fact, that they are being threatened with extinction. Time for a helping hand! In 2018, De Kruidhof – a botanic garden located in the village of Buitenpost that has the largest collection of herb plants in Europe – is organising loads of activities related to helping bees for a project called ‘Silence of the Bees’.

Using image, language, music, art, culture, food and lectures, Silence of the Bees will be putting these buzzing little insects in the spotlight. Visitors can explore the life of bees and learn things like how to turn their own garden into a bee paradise. Interesting for adults and definitely fascinating for children. In 2018, De Kruidhof will receive an Oratorio – a life-size sculpture that will surround visitors with very unique music created by bees.

Bumblebee Rhapsody
On 21 June, 2018, the European botanic gardens located in Buitenpost, Emden and Oldenburg will also be the settings for the performance of the Bumblebee Rhapsody. This piece of music will have been made by bee sounds recorded in ‘smart’ bumblebee hives at schools in the Eems-Dollard region. The children at these schools are using these hives to conduct research into the best possible living conditions for bees. As part of this research, they are also collecting various bee sounds that will be used to create the Bumblebee Rhapsody together with students of two music academies.

The activities for Silence of the Bees are being conducted at De Kruidhof in Buitenpost as well as at the botanic gardens in Oldenburg and Emden. The B-RAP project is being funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of the INTERREG VA Programme Germany-Netherlands and by the German Federal State of Lower Saxony and the Dutch province of Friesland.

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