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Under the Tower

The rich history of Friesland, told by the community. Under the Tower brings you an impressive array of local stories in the form of unique theatre. The stories from ‘under the tower’ come to life with the participation of well-known makers such as Jos Thie, Tamara Schoppert and Albert Bonnema.

The heartbreak of the Berlikum church bells, the helmet of war hero Schelte van Aysma and the story of the miracle doctor Joost Wiersma. So many churches, so many stories. Under the Tower (Under de Toer) brings these stories to life throughout Friesland in unique collaborations with In this project, 32 stories are brought to life with ‘under the tower’ as a common denominator. Local stories known to all generations or those that have only recently formed. About unique items in the tower, about unforgettable events that the tower has observed or about the lives of special people connected with the tower.

In Under the Tower, artists and the local community bring these to life with shows, exhibitions and performances. Told in a new way, these stories surprise the public throughout the year. From Harlingen to Oldeberkoop Under the Tower begins on 1 January 2018 in IJlst with De Frijtinker, a musical theatre piece about innkeeper Gearte who takes the refugee Tesfalem along the churches of IJlst. The other 31 events take place throughout the year, around towers throughout Friesland. From Lemmer to Hoorn on Terschelling and from Harlingen to Oldeberkoop.

Marijke Muoi
There’s a special role for the theatre performance Marijke Muoi. A performance that starts in the revolutionary year of 1795. Revolutionaries, adventurers and idealists storm the Grote Kerk in Leeuwarden. They smash everything, take valuable metals from the graves and kick around the bones of the Nassau family. They want democracy, now! After a spectacular start, we fast forward to 2018: a time when the world shakes on its political and social foundations. Where should it lead - to more democracy or less? Revolution or reconciliation? Marijke Muoi brings the audience along on this confusing battle. The show will premiere during the opening weekend of Leeuwarden-Friesland 2018.

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