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WaterConnecting 2018

Mention Friesland and you think of water. Leeuwarden is the European leader in the field of sustainable water technology, and Friesland is known for its lakes region. Water Connecting 2018, Leeuwarden-Friesland 2018’s water programme, introduces you to the beauty of Frisian water thanks to unique experience routes.

In the spring of 2018, Water Connecting 2018 kicks off with a splattering parade: on the water of course! Together with artists and the mienskip (community), students produce a parade that focuses on the plastic soup, an international water-related theme where locals can make a difference. In addition to marking the start of Water Connecting 2018, the parade also serves as the opening of the national ‘Week van Ons Water’ (Week of Our Water).

Water Bar
The heart of Water Connecting 2018 is the Water Bar on the water campus. The Water Bar is the meeting point from which various initiatives are organised. This includes project ‘DNA van de Friese vlag’ (DNA of the Frisian Flag) in which research on the Frisian seeblatt is shown through film and music. Another is the Salix Fragilis Leovardia art trail with art made of wicker, or the graffiti water art project in the Potmarge area near the Water Bar.

Experience trails
The various experience trails guide visitors by car, bike or boat to the most extraordinary water spots in Friesland. The routes that fall under the ‘Frisian Water Spots’ include for example the Woudagemaal pumping station, the Afsluitdijk dam and the Hegebeintum terp. The ‘Liwadder Water’ route takes you along water hot-spots, art and cultural projects throughout the municipality of Leeuwarden. One of the hot-spots is the ‘Friesland onder water’ (Friesland under Water) exhibition in the Friesland Museum of Nature.

Finally, Water Connecting 2018 takes a closer look at education. The programme openly welcomes initiatives developed as a result of the Frisian cooperation in the Water Chain whereby children discover and experience water from an early age. Furthermore, anyone can come to the Water Bar with questions about water and get fully submerged in the fascinating stories about the subject.

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