What’s going on now on the water

While nature does its best to make it warmer in the Netherlands, we are preparing for the new water sports season in Friesland. The Frisian waters are open again and we’re looking forward to it. Find all the water sports activities on this page.



Events on the water

Traditional versus extreme

Are you a fan of water? You’ve come to the right place! In Friesland, there are countless ways to get to know and enjoy the sea and the lakes. For example, you can sail with a traditional Frisian skûtsje or hire a sloop and sail through the canals of one of the eleven cities. You can also take a boat around the Elfstedenroute and there are many options for mooring your boat in one of the lovely Frisian harbours. 

Looking for something a bit more exciting? Try something more extreme like (kite)surfing, flyboarding or wakeboarding. There are various surfing locations throughout Friesland for enjoying these activities when the weather is nice. Paddle board enthusiasts can also enjoy themselves, especially since Leeuwarden is emerging as a real paddle boarding city. There is now even a paddle boarding Elfstedentocht!