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Galerie & Atelier Theo Schouten

From 2013, Theo has settled down in the small, characteristic city Hindeloopen, where he has set up his workshop and gallery. There, he brings his geometrical, spatial objects to life, which he describes as ’three-dimensional experiences’.

Theo’s art is often executed in the primary colors red, yellow and blue, but also zero (black/white), in which especially the effects of shadow takes an important role.The artwork of Theo can slowly but certainly be found around the world. In the Netherlands, his art can be viewed in the permanent exhibition of the Musiom in Amersfoort( NL)

Theo often draws inspiration for his work in the ways in which people function. The contrasts between mechanic and autonomous, between thinking processes and human instincts and behaviours, are processed into his creations of color and shapes in all dimensions as the tension field between round, rounded and sharp, straight and rectilinear.

Opening times

  • You are always welcome, but a call in advance is always advisable.You are always welcome, but a call in advance is always advisable.


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