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Praam hire Leeuwarden


Cruise through the waterways of Leeuwarden in an authentic Frisian farmer's 'Praam' boat! Trips are supplied with a skipper and guide.

Cruising through the historic city centre of Leeuwarden is the best way to learn about the city. Originally known as a small harbour city on the Middelzee, the city grew to become the capital city of Friesland. You're welcome to step aboard one of our boats on the Nieuwestad 98, opposite the C&A. 

'Second Screen' Grachten tour

Guides will take you through the stories of old photos, drawings and art that are shown on a big screen in the front of the boat, giving you a valuable look into Leeuwarden then and now. 


If you've got a group outing, business tip, or family party you're also very welcome to also hire a boat. Please see below for the four types of 'Praam' we offer:

  • Lytse Suske (12 pers)
  • Lytse Tolve (20 pers)
  • Grutte Pier (25 pers)
  • Grutte Bongel (25 pers)
    U kunt uit verschillende routes kiezen. Prijzen zijn per praam verschillend en afhankelijk van de duur.

You can choose from various routes. Prices differ between boats, and depend on the amount of time they are rented. 

Vanaf € 7,50 (voor volwassenen)

Here you will find Praam hire Leeuwarden

Rondvaart Praamverhuur Leeuwarden
Nieuwestad 98 steiger
8911CX Leeuwarden
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