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Uitkijktoren Belvédére

Belvédère Watchtower

If you happen to be in the village of Oranjewoud, don’t miss out on the chance to climb the Belvédère Watchtower. This uniquely beautiful watchtower in the Oranjewoud park landscape was built in 1924.

It was erected on the man-made Brongergea Hill (Berg van Brongergea) and is exceptional in that it is now one of the oldest concrete structures still standing in the Netherlands. The tower has nine flights of stairs with twelve steps per flight and is 18 metres high. The top of the tower is 30 metres above ground level and offers a spectacular view over the surrounding forest. On a clear day, it is possible to see all the way to the West Frisian Islands! The watchtower is in the Tjaarda’s Bos forest park, which was created by the owner of the Tjaarda hotel nearby.


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