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1st TAFISA European Sports for All

Have you ever seen wheels of cheese roll through a city? You’ll get the chance during the very first European Sports for all Games. International athletes from all over Europe will introduce you to their local sports culture. ESFAG is an unprecedented sporting event.

Friesland has always been associated with outdoor sports. Fierljeppen (pole jumping), skûtsjesilen (regatta sailing) and keatsen (handball) are all inextricably connected with our province. Each sport enjoys a rich history and is interwoven in Frisian culture and identity. Friesland is not unique, however, in this sense. Many European countries take pride their own cultural sports. These sports characterise the history of the country or region. Sports that connect and where having fun is paramount.

 Sports without borders
The first Tafisa European Sports For All Games centres around these often unnoticed yet regionally popular sports. Slovenia introduces us to pandolo, the Finns show us Finnish baseball and the British a martial arts team composed of persons with disabilities. Athletes from Spain, Portugal, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Denmark and Greece are also given the opportunity to acquaint us with their national and regional sports.

A sporting event that is second to none marks the start of the ‘Games’. From that point on, five full days of shows, races, competitions, contests and even entire tournaments are held across Friesland. The first is Tafisa European Sports For All Games concludes with an impeccable feast for all.

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