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Adje Lambertsz

This event has expired.

‘It is mei sizzen net te dwaan!’ This was Adje Lambertsz’s motto. Although he is no longer with us, his belief in the power of children is stronger than ever. Talent development plays a special role in this unique project for and by children.​

‘Look what I can do’ is the theme of this Circus 2.0 project. Youngsters and children are challenged to work together, are dared to do things they've always dreamed of, and in doing so, discover their talents.

Kick off with Circus got Talent
In the coming school year, ‘Circus Adje’ travels through Leeuwarden in the context of Leeuwarden-Friesland 2018 to all the fifty primary schools located in the municipality.

Children create living pyramids or perform stunning shows. All students from groups 5 and 6 are encouraged to participate. They make it as fun and exciting as they want to, and they discover talents and arts they never knew existed. Whatever they do, they make sure it’s a party.

Workshops at school
Are students and teachers super enthusiastic about it? Schools can then opt for 'Circus Adje' workshops. This applies to all groups. Maybe the upper primary school has an orchestra? Or a school choir? Or is there anyone who wants to help with the decor? Everything is possible and anything goes. After all, anyone can join the circus.

Circus Adje in the neighbourhoods and during the Street Festival
The months after will also include various cultural activities, spread out over ten districts and villages in the municipality of Leeuwarden. Children and youngsters, and their neighbours, are encouraged and challenged to act, dance or sing on a real stage. In May, Circus Adje closes in a festive manner in shopping centre Winkelpark De Centrale and the Frisian Street Festival where everyone is welcome.