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Dada in Dr8888

Discover Drachten’s cultural history during Dada in Dr8888. De Stijl and Dada found their way to this Frisian location about 100 years ago. Throughout the city you discover a true revolution in colour, international exhibitions in Museum Dr8888 and Drachten is reinvented.

Would you like to discover something surprising? Something silly, striking and colourful? Put Drachten on your to-do list in 2018. The place where 100 years ago the new art movements De Stijl and Dada found their way to. This was due to a friendship between architect and painter Theo van Doesburg and two brothers from Drachten: Evert and Thijs Rinsema. The special Museum Dr8888 and the Van Doesburg-Rinsemahuis celebrate the heritage of these cultural movements inside and outside the museum walls. Enough reasons to party, so Museum Dr8888 and the Van Doesburg-Rinsemahuis celebrate the legacy of Dada and De Stijl in many different ways in 2018.

Drachten was once the beating heart of art movements like Dada and De Stijl. The Frisian shoemakers Thijs and Evert Rinsema and great artists such as Theo van Doesburg and Kurt Schwitters chose Drachten a hundred years ago as the place to create their art.

Modernism in Friesland
Museum Dr8888 shows how these art movements were significant for modernism in Friesland. How do they live on in the present time? And what does De Stijl mean to innovation and design? Four fascinating exhibitions about Drachten’s unique story and the influence on artists and their artistic output after the Second World War.

Step outside its walls
Drachten embraces its history in 2018 with a revolution in colour. Museum Dr8888 is also organizing all kinds of activities and events outside the museum in the context of De Stijl and Dada. In doing so, the museum works together with other (cultural) partners, entrepreneurs and residents of Drachten in order to make the place they live the most colourful city in the Netherlands.

You can follow a Dada poetry route in the streets of Drachten, a Dada fashion show has been organized and giant Stijl furniture appears in the squares. You’ll also encounter beautiful contemporary expressions of Dada and De Stijl in shop windows, neighbourhoods and in lanes. So choose Drachten in 2018: City in Stijl!