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The Pauper Fountain

“Cultural Capital? Community? We’ll show you community!”, thought theatre group The Paupers. They made a fountain composed of phalluses, and at the very heart, a public toilet. Whenever the toilet is used, the fountain sprays. Everyone can therefore literally contribute to this work of art.

Peeing is, after all, a universal necessity. No matter what you look like, what language you speak, whether you’re male or female: we all do it. In 2018, you have the honour of peeing in the most special of places: the Pauper’s fountain, commonly called the Penis or Phallus fountain. With a healthy dose of imagination, playfulness and especially humour, The Paupers showcase their fountain along cities and villages across Friesland in 2018. And where locations allow, extended with theatre piece ‘Dy lul fan mij’ (O, phallus of mine).