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Small Town Europe

Wolkom op it plattelân!
Dit is ús doarp.
Ons Dorp.
Our village
Unser Dorf.
Nasza wioska.
Us doarp tusken de greiden.
Oan de grutte marren.
Nestled among grassy fields.
Aan de machtige rivier.
Gdzie mozesz poczuc zapach morza.
All’ ombra delle montagne.
Neben dem dunklen wald.
Bosken om in te ferdwalen…

Welcome to Europe. Europe where you live, where you work, where your family is or where you sometimes go to on holiday.

Welcome to Village Europe, where through the smells and colours and all the languages they can speak, nine villagers sing, play, dance and tell us about the girl they’ve been waiting for for so long. She carries the future in her belly and travels from village to village, looking for a place where she can give birth safely. The village with the biscuit factory? The village where they make nails? Or maybe the village where they make Ferris wheels for the whole world.

Come, join us, in the places where people live and work and where the future will be born.

Tryater is taking this colourful production to villages and cities in Friesland. Tryater’s  production of Elkenien is in prutser was performed at unusual locations in Fryslân and Wereldburgers van de Voorstreek was, of course, performed on the street Voorstreek in Leeuwarden, and now with Village Europe Tryater will be performing across the whole of Fryslân in local companies with international connections.