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Fossil-free Friesland

A Friesland without fossil fuels? We show you that it’s possible in 2018. With the largest solar-powered boat race ever, for example. Or with a two-week eleven roads trip, in which we challenge every Frisian to travel without using fossil fuels. 2018 will be the year of sustainability.​

Friesland has hundreds of energy initiatives. From energy-neutral homes and fossil fuel-free festivals, to energy projects at schools and, of course, the fifty cooperatives that generate energy in their own villages. We shine the spotlight on these initiatives in 2018 and show that even more is possible.

Elfwegentocht (Eleven Roads Tour)
The Elfwegentocht is the highlight of FossylFrij Fryslân. All of Friesland on the move without so much as a drop of diesel or petrol consumption. Electric taxis and boats, Segways, green gas buses and e-bikes will determine the traffic image. An idea of our own Frisian youth.

Futuristic parade
Futuristic vehicles from all over the world will come to Friesland, down the motorway from Drachten to Leeuwarden. There are still some spaces available in the parade because we welcome people who can come up with a sustainable vehicle. From young to old, from primary school to college, and from street or village to energy cooperative - the entire community can join in.

The energy pearls of Friesland
Ten Frisian villages go into battle for the highest energy savings, five thousand extra homes will be equipped with solar panels, there are energy-neutral festivals, a hundred fossil fuel-free companies, a hundred schools will do projects related to energy, the largest solar boat race ever, the green gas developments, the energy neutral homes. We’re going to show off all these projects.

Energy Congress
A large energy congress follows in September, where 2,018 organizations will be challenged to sign up for a fossil fuel-free existence by 2025. Because Friesland will continue with these brilliant initiatives even after 2018!