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A festival as a living laboratory; this is what Innofest offers you. Innovators get the space they need to thoroughly test their prototypes at festivals like Oerol, Welcome to The Village and Into the Great Wide Open.

The festivals with which Innofest is affiliated are Eurosonic Noorderslag, Oerol, FestiValderAa, TT Festival, Welcome to The Village, Paradigm, Noorderzon and Into The Great Wide Open. Innofest sees these festivals as short-term mini-communities. Just like real communities, they’re faced with similar challenges such as the need for water, food, logistics, energy and waste removal. In a certain sense, festival visitors also behave like they do in the real world: they move around, eat and sleep. Unlike the real world, however, the festival grounds are surrounded by a fence that makes it possible to measure all kinds of factors. This makes festivals a perfect testing environment for developing prototypes and innovations.

Innofest has been helping entrepreneurs, startup companies and students test their new idea at a festival since 2016. These include an app that measures how people perceive sound, sustainable batteries and smart grid solutions, sensors to measure crowds, and a pop-up insurance policy for a temporary community.