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kening fan 'e greide

King of the Meadows presents sympathetic, creative and sometimes confrontational performances. Performances that are odes to Friesland’s natural diversity. The broad programme (for all audiences) covers all facets of Friesland’s nature. Celebrate life!

Here’s to biodiversity in Friesland! Nowhere else will you find such a diverse landscape as in the northern province. Water, woods, mudflats, peat polders and lush meadows quickly alternate. That diversity is in danger of disappearing. In 2018, King of the Meadows pays tribute to our beautiful surroundings.

Our diverse landscape, for centuries a self-evident and typical part of Friesland, is in danger of disappearing and making way for infinite grasslands. With variety slowly fading away, so too do the smells, colours, and sounds associated with the landscape. Those belonging to Friesland.

King of the Meadows
According to civic initiative King of the Meadows, this should never be allowed to happen. The group has been involved in meadow (bird) landscapes for many years. King of the Meadows shows us the beauty of the landscape and asks us: in which landscape do we actually want to live?

King of the Meadows presents sympathetic, creative and sometimes confrontational performances that pay tribute to the natural diversity of Friesland. King of the Meadows kicks off with New Year's concerts in Amsterdam and Leeuwarden from the Dutch Wind Ensemble. Can’t make it? No worries, the Dutch national channel VARA will broadcast each concert.

The Friesland Museum of Nature, located in the centre of Leeuwarden, transforms into the Great Black-tailed Godwit Theatre, under the watchful eye of Theun Mosk. Music theatre production Conference of the Birds, along with hundreds of wind instrument musicians, the Noord Nederlands Toneel theatre company and dance company Club Guy & Roni will perform at a dazzling outdoor venue. At various locations, in and out of Friesland, Pier21 will present the poignant performance Koning van het Grasland (King of the Grassland). For those who really want to experience the beauty of the landscape, be sure to check out Awakening Landscape, a night time expedition in nature that concludes at the beauty of the dawn.

Celebrate life
With an infectious blend of knowledge (as the foundation), culture (as inspiration) and innovation (as fruit), King of the Meadows speaks to an ever increasing audience. King of the Meadows is, in terms of subject matter, related to Silence of the Bees. Together we celebrate biodiversity. We celebrate life. In 2018, and beyond.

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