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Lân fan taal

Around the Oldehoofsterkerkhof, Tresoar and Historical Centre Leeuwarden this year is the international Lân fan taal project. This diverse programme shows you how limitless our language is and enthusiastically continues its legacy. Lân fan taal (land of language) shows you what a free state of language actually is in 2018.​

Sure, Frysk is wonderful, but how unique are we as a bilingual province? Just go to London, Brussels or Amsterdam and listen to the dozens of languages around you. By speaking Frisian, Stellingwerfs, Bildts, Dutch, Liwwadders and other languages, we simply were early adopters in Friesland. We celebrate this multilingualism in Lân fan taal, where you learn, experience and feel the importance and diversity of language. Not only Dutch and Frisian: we explore languages from all over the world.

We celebrate language throughout the year  
During the Capital of Culture Year, we celebrate language in Leeuwarden round the Oldehoofsterkerkhof as well as the rest of Friesland. This celebration is shared with audiences from all corners of the world, all ages, 44 weeks long! With experiences, exhibitions, festivals, life-size projections, a language game, apps and a Language Caravan making its way through the province.

Lân fan taal is much more than just the words you speak with your mouth, write with your hand (or tap with your thumbs) or hear with your ears. Don’t forget braille, body language, dance, music and street language. Give life to your language, play with it and pronounce it in your own way in Lân fan taal.

Many partners in Friesland, Netherlands, and international
Lân fan taal is a collaboration of Afûk, Explore the North, Fryske Akademy, Leeuwarden Municipality, Historical Centre Leeuwarden, Keunstwurk, Neushoorn, Omrop Fryslân, Friesland Province, Groningen University, Tresoar and Tryater. There is also cooperation with many other (international) language and cultural institutions and initiatives, such as Poetry International, Oerol and Poetry Circle.