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Potatoes go wild

How can a potato be a source of inspiration? What role can the potato play in art? And where do the potatoes we eat come from? Potatoes Go Wild shows how the potato is much more than just a source of food. You can also admire it in all its beauty!

Frisian potato headquarters Het Bildt shines a well-deserved light on the humble potato during the Bildtse Aardappelweken (Bildt’s Potato Weeks). In 2018, the event will be named Potatoes go Wild and, thanks in part to project Poetic Potatoes, reaches out all the way across to Malta. Serving as the other European Cultural Capital in 2018, Het Bildt has worked together with the island nation for over 160 years. Since 2014, this cooperation has taken on a new dimension by means of a poetry exchange in potato seed bags.

Potato art
Other projects within Potatoes Go Wild are closer to home. Take Fruchtbere grônd (fertile soil) for example, where 25 artists from West Friesland, Friesland and German East and Northern Friesland exhibit in seven potato barns along the Oudebildtdijk. Altyd Seumer (Eternal Summer) is a music-theatre performance that reflects on our tendency to waste food, shown at a farm at Zwarte Haan. Towards the end of 2018, Friesland Museum of Nature is home to the Kûnstsinnige Eerappels potato exhibition where artists create works of art with raw potatoes. Visitors are allowed to join!

A visit to the farm
There is also plenty of attention to content Visit a farm in Oudebildtdijk where you can see all the crops that once grew in Het Bildt and are still grown today. Furthermore, there’s a large field filled with different potato varieties and demonstrations about the latest fertilisation methods and crop protection.
In collaboration with Stenden University and Agricultural Youth Friesland, Potatoes Go Wild will organise a symposium that centres on the food chain, durability and innovation. Students also participate: children write poems and make tablecloths with a potato stamp.

Eating potatoes in a potato barn
Potatoes not only have an artful purpose in Het Bildt, we eat them as well! You are hereby sincerely welcome to join Ete bij de boer XL: an elaborate potato-based meal will be served in the barns where artists also present their potato-inspired works. Eating potatoes in a potato barn while admiring potato art: now that’s Potatoes Go Wild!