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Getting as many people as possible enjoying and making music. That’s exactly what Never Ending Orchestra wants to achieve. Spread across the country, the province, cities and villages, this project introduces you to surprising concerts, special cross-overs and musical delights. The stage for all musicians.

Everyone can participate!
NEO invites the entire Frisian muzykmienskip to join in, creates opportunities, connects amateurs with professionals, stages and other existing structures, and challenges them to discover new possibilities. We want to play music more often and in different places than usual, and allow music to have a bigger and interactive role in everyday life.

Never Ending Orchestra programmes special appearances throughout the province. NEO is the stage for musicians over the course of a year: young, old, amateur or professional. With a NEO programme in each region that shows the passion and timbre of that region.

From May to September, there will be no getting around it when in Leeuwarden. For five months, NEO will offer continuous music programming from existing and new talent. Pop, classical, urban, choirs, punk, opera, quartets, music theatre, brass bands: everything is possible. Concerts in the park, a canal concert or a special music production somewhere in the neighbourhood, it could be anywhere.

NEO comes to you
Never Ending Orchestra is there for everyone, no matter what your age or musical taste. For people who, due to their situation, do not have easy access to music but who desperately need the joy or consolation that music provides. That’s why you’ll also find a NEO stage in, for example, hospitals, nursing homes, shelters or rehabilitation centres.