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The Voorheen de Gemeente (VHDG) travelling exhibition goes right through the community. Be carried away by international art and surprising experiences in the bus that once served as a mobile supermarket or drop by the studio on the Haniasteeg. Experience the exhibits, talk to the makers; you should be able to and it is fine to talk about anything at VHDG.​

Do yourself a favour. Walk down Haniasteeg in Leeuwarden and turn right onto VHDG. This narrow little lane full of creative students and graffiti will have an impact on everyone: you’ll leave it astonished, touched or amazed. One time, it will be by artists from Cyprus and Japan who capture the spirit of the place in a thought-provoking presentation. Another time, HEDEN will provide a theme-based one-evening exhibition giving you a chance to get into a discussion with the makers yourself. Manipulation, voices, absurdism: VHDG is dedicated to any and all possibilities - or to heading in no direction at all. On the road to more surprised looks, VHDG’s mobile supermarket makes an eye-catching sight because it’s been transformed into a travelling artist-in-residence location. Artists Flora Reznik and Teun Vonk were the first to drive this van. Since its speed is limited to 25 kilometres per hour, they could only travel through Friesland on rural roads. This led to unexpected encounters and exciting new work such as a video installation made with a Friesian motorcycle club and a bona fide piece of dance choreography performed with a funeral cooperative on a misty meadow.

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