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WAD: overleven op de grens van water en land

View the Wadden through the eyes of its permanent residents. In the unique documentary WAD by director Ruben Smit (De Nieuwe Wildernis), you'll see the UNESCO World Heritage site from the perspective of the grey seal, the spoonbill, the rabbit, the peregrine falcon and the oystercatcher. The result is suitable for the whole family and will have its Dutch premiere in 2018.​

WAD is a film for the whole family. The film was made by Ruben Smit, known for the award-winning nature documentary ‘De Nieuwe Wilderness’ about life in the Oostvaardersplassen. Using the latest film techniques, he brings the unique natural phenomena of the Wadden area to the big screen. Imagine seeing how a seal is born, the harsh journey a shelduck mother takes with her chicks, what life looks like around a natural mussel reef during low tide and – in a time lapse – how a grain of sand transforms into a dune.

Everything is interconnected
Smit zooms out from a detailed level to the relationship between animal and its environment, and further still to the entire ecosystem. He beautifully depicts how these elements are interconnected in the Wadden area: the tide, the birds, life above and submerged under water.

Stopover for migratory birds
While journeying with the main characters, you also see other all-round and temporary residents of the Wad. Millions of migratory birds make their stopover here in order to replenish themselves in an abundance of food.

The film shows many more extremes in and around the Wadden area. From the overwhelming magnificence of the flowing waters to the vulnerability of a single organism. So strong are these survivors that they inhibit the land in large numbers. The consequence: it’s crowded on the Wad. Each resident must continuously fight for their spot...