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Yiddish Waves

This event has expired.

Yiddish Waves: homecoming is done like this. The international festival of 2018 excels in translating the Yiddish ideas in music, theatre, films and exhibitions. With the involvement of minorities, the multi-day festival brings the rich cultures of Leeuwarden closer together.​

Bolleboos, gabber, mesjogge or kapsones: the Dutch language is full of Yiddish words. This is not at all odd as Yiddish culture is commonly found nestled in foreign ones. Yiddish Waves takes a closer look at this. Heymishkeyt – Yiddish for ‘feeling at home' – is the theme for the programme’s multicultural splurges. Arab musicians meet Frisian poets. Klezmer meets Chaabi!

Hospitality, learning, meeting and connecting. That's what Yiddish Waves aims to show through music, theatre, workshops, walking tours, movies and exhibitions. With Yiddish ideas forming the foundation, Yiddish Waves sets out to incite people from the many cultures that call Leeuwarden their home to meet.

The multi-day Yiddish Waves Festival takes place in various locations in and around the old Jewish part of Leeuwarden. Walking tours bring to light special places in the former Jewish town, where concerts from national and international artists can be appreciated. The festival also serves as the starting point of an unlikely musical fusion where Yiddish music is combined with Arabic sounds. A search for connection, identity and a new harmonious universe.

Lernen and Simche (to learn and party)
Yiddish Waves partners with the Frisian 4 and 5 May Committee during the official commemoration where a series of projects will be seen and heard throughout the Frisian Liberation Festival. This way Yiddish Waves takes a moment to reflect on Jewish history in Leeuwarden, much like in numerous other cities across Europe, and celebrates it on the 5th of May with a newfound freedom and diversity.

As she sings
Finally, Explore the North, Lân fan taal and Yiddish Waves join forces with the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv, European Culture Capital in 2019. The ‘As she sings’ concert will be heard during Explore the North: four women with a Frisian, Yiddish, Bulgarian and Roma cultural background, one story, one stage, preceded by job labs during which the audience is introduced to the artists and their cultures.