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Icecream from the farm - IJsboerderij de Mar


Here you can find fresh handmade ice cream, made from the organic milk of the farm's own dairy cows. Our icecream can be bought at the farmshop of Melktap de Hemmen, Makkum.

Located between the Frisian villages of Makkum and Exmorra, you will find our organic dairy farm and ice cream farm. In the summer of 2021 we started making fresh and artisanal ice cream.
he basis for our ice cream is the organic milk from our own cows. In addition, we use high-quality Italian ingredients to give our ice cream the perfect taste and structure.

Divided over 2 locations, we have about 180 dairy cows that, when the weather is okay, graze outside in the meadow as much as possible. No fertilizer is used on the farm and the use of medicines is limited as much as possible and only used when this is really necessary for animal welfare.
In addition to taking care of the cows, we are also committed to the meadow birds and we have set up about 62 acres of land for the birds and other wildlife. This land is rich in water and contains many types of grasses and herbs. The land is also not worked until later in the year to give the young meadow birds the time to grow up safely.

Here you will find Icecream from the farm - IJsboerderij de Mar

Meerswal 1
8754 JA Makkum
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