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Motus Mori - Over de drempel (Over the threshhold)

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Dancers look for the personal motor skills of the participants during an extensive 'movement interview'. The dancers then create a unique movement portrait that is added to a growing movement archive.

How do you want to be remembered? In the multi-year art project Motus Mori, the (dancers') body is the archive. More than 800 people have donated their movement in recent years. Your movements can also become part of this growing movement archive.

This personal appointment consists of no less than three hours of full attention. In a 'movement interview' a dancer will look for your own motor skills with you. The dancer takes over your movements in his body. The dancer then connects your movement to that of the other people in the archive. Based on this, the dancer creates a unique movement portrait that will be shown to you in the second part of this appointment. In this way you get to know another person through your own movements. We may have more in common than you might think...

Motus Mori is one of the nine projects of Over the Threshold. The approach to loneliness by the Municipality of Leeuwarden has crossed the threshold. Over the Threshold is also part of Arcadia 2022, the hundred-day cultural programme in Leeuwarden and Fryslan. Arcadia is the sequel to Leeuwarden - Fryslan 2018, European Capital of Culture. Read more about Over Threshold here.

until 24 July

Here you will find Motus Mori - Over de drempel (Over the threshhold)

Kunstruimte H47 Leeuwarden
Haniasteeg 47
8911 BX Leeuwarden
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