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Family theatre "Mystery of life"

This event has already taken place


On Saturday 30 September and Sunday 1 October 2023 the time has come! The IN Visible Light Foundation makes a spectacular debut with a unique theatre performance for the whole family.

Are you ready for an unforgettable theatre experience? An experience that takes you to a world where everything is possible, where you marvel at the wonders of life, where you connect with nature, yourself and each other? Then the family theatre performance 'Mysterie van het leven' is something for you!

IN Visible Light Foundation
´Mysterie van het leven´ is a unique theatre performance for the whole family, made by the IN Visible Light Foundation (website This foundation aims to make the invisible visible, to inspire people to shine their own light and to celebrate the magic of life.

Family show
The performance consists of several stages, where you will be guided in small groups. On every stage you will be surprised by a special story, which is about things that we cannot see by eye, but that do affect our lives. This way you get to know the story of Luna, a girl who, despite her physical disability, has an enormous imagination. You will learn how to communicate with stones and other elements from nature. You discover the power of your own spark, which enables you to create, transform and inspire. And you meet two friends, one of whom is imaginary and the other is not.

Afterwards you can have a nice chat and order a drink. 

When: Saturday 30 September and Sunday 1 October 2023
Times: 15:00 and 19:30
Location: Teatertún, Enkhuizerlaan 8, 8572 WK Rijs.

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*The performance will be in Dutch

until 1 October 2023
Price information:
From € 12,50 (for children)
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Here you will find Family theatre "Mystery of life"

Enkhuizerlaan 8
8572WK Rijs
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