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'Tsjerkepaad' en de expositie van Janneke Holtkamp en Ineke Kroese

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'Tsjerkepaad' and the exhibition by portrait painter Janneke Holtkamp and ceramist Ineke Kroese in the Dorpskerk Huizum, Leeuwarden from 1 July to 9 September 2023, every Saturday from 1.30 pm to 5 pm. Free entrance.

Dorpskerk Huizum is open once again this year for 'Tsjerkepaad'.(church path) The theme is 'Church as a place of encounter'. There is also an interesting exhibition. This summer, portrait painter Janneke Holtkamp and ceramist Ineke Kroese will be exhibiting. The opening of the exhibition will take place on July 1, 2023, simultaneously with the start of 'Tsjerkepaad 2023'.
This year, during 'Tsjerkepaad' on August 12, we will also participate in 'Orgelpaad', the program of Stg. Organum Frisicum. Then Mrs. ME. Koopman-Kuipers from Waskemeer will play the beautiful Van Dam organ from 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm.
During the opening – on 1 July – the music will be provided by organist Jelle Rollema. The organ will also be played on the other Saturday afternoons.
You are very welcome again in our old, but very beautiful church.

Janneke Holtkamp started as a young girl drawing her three sisters and classmates. They were always very impressed by the resemblance and she really enjoyed doing it. Nevertheless, she decided to study remedial education instead of going to art school. For years she enjoyed working as a remedial educationalist, but drawing and painting always remained her passion and dream.
About 15 years ago she started to paint actively again and for several years now she has been painting commissioned portraits. Lately, in addition to the portraits, she wants to create a story around the person and she also paints people in a certain situation. In this she finds a new challenge. She paints creatively for her own pleasure but also on commission.
Ineke Kroese models beauty and strength of man and horse and translates this into special ceramics. She is a teacher of visual arts, HBO social work and HBO systemic family counseling. Since 2005 she has started modeling again and she has followed various courses with Lia Vriend in Paterswolde.
Ineke is a member of the artist collective 'Zichtlijn' from the municipality of Westerkwartier.

This particularly beautiful exhibition is made possible in part by FGD Assurantiën.

You are welcome. Entrance is free.
There is little parking space at the church. Visitors can park - within walking distance and for free - in the spacious car park opposite Intratuin (south side Tijnjedijk).


until 9 September
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Here you will find 'Tsjerkepaad' en de expositie van Janneke Holtkamp en Ineke Kroese

Huizum Dorp 67
8934 BS Leeuwarden
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