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Lunch lecture by Trudy Dehue on pregnancies in the past and now

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Lunch lecture by Trudy Dehue on pregnancies in the past and now

No one can see through an abdominal and uterine wall. And yet with a few clicks, you can find detailed information about human foetuses, embryos, and ova, and even the insides of those again. This evokes wonder about the formation of new little humans, but rarely about the knowledge of them. Most people just take that for granted, even though it is not to be taken for granted either.

Trudy Dehue, on the contrary, is fascinated by the formation of facts. Whether research outcomes are presented in words, numbers or images, she argues, they are always the end product of human habits and decisions. And those underlying habits and decisions often have major consequences for the likes and dislikes of others. Good science is therefore science that is open about this and takes responsibility for it.

Behind every fact, in other words, there is a story. In her recent book Egg, Foetus, Baby (2023), Dehue unravels many stories behind our taken-for-granted and unwanted pregnancy. In the lunch lecture on Thursday 21 December, she talks about them using old and more recent depictions of the contents of a pregnant belly.

About Trudy Dehue

Trudy Dehue (1951) is emeritus professor of Science Research at the RuG. In 2009, she was a guest on the VPRO programme Zomergasten, and 2019 she received the Akademiepenning of the KNAW for her extraordinary achievements for science in the Netherlands. More information can be found at

Lunch lecture

The lecture at Tresoar starts at 12.30pm and lasts about 45 minutes to an hour. Admission is free, although compulsory registration applies. When registering, you can indicate whether you would like to take advantage of lunch before the lecture (2 sandwiches* + 1 consumption). Lunch will be available from 12 noon. The cost for lunch is €7.50, payable when you book your ticket. When registering, please also indicate the number of people you are coming with.

until 21 December 2023
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Here you will find Lunch lecture by Trudy Dehue on pregnancies in the past and now

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