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Catrinus Spinder Flessenpost, paintings and Bernard Heesen, glass objects

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Catrinus Spinder paintings and Bernard Heesen, Nienke Sikkema, Josja Schepman : glass objects and Jenny Boot: photographs

Bernard Heesen (born 1958) is one of the most important and influential glass artists in the Netherlands. Within glass art, he is considered an innovator who, during the making process, when the glass is hot and liquid, likes to let chance contribute to the final result. 'You can tell from my artworks that it has moved.' He is one of the few glass artists who creates and executes his own designs.
At glassworks De Oude Horn in Acquoy, Bernard Heesen learned the craft of glassblowing from his famous father, Willem Heesen. In 1995, his father retired and handed over the management to his son. Since then, The Old Horn has served as Bernard Heesen's workshop but also offers space to a new generation of glass artists.
The transfer of the glass craft is of great importance to Bernard Heesen. Thus, he trained his assistants Nienke Sikkema and Josja Schepman to become independent glass blowers who made the craft their own in his workshop and developed their own vision of glass art. As with Heesen, for artists Sikkema and Schepman, 'playing with glass' is the starting point of their working practice. The glass should not be forced, but is deftly guided and explored in its potential. It results in very colourful and decorative designs in which the process of glassblowing can be seen.

For Nienke Sikkema, it is important that people recognise the pleasure she gets from the shaping of her objects. She studied at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague after which she started working at De Oude Horn. She lets the glass drip and stacks, rolls and moulds with it, resulting in playful forms.

Josja Schepman studied free design at the Utrecht Art Academy. After graduating in 2006, she started working at glass studio De Oude Horn. She also worked as a glassblower for, among others, the National Glass Museum and Van Tetterode in Amsterdam. She has built up a versatile oeuvre with a distinctive style of her own. She creates a distinct fantasy world that is home to wondrous creatures. Her work is included in the collection of the Frans Hals Museum, among others.

Catrinus Spinder

Titled "Message in a bottle", Catrinus Spinder shows his recent series of paintings. Influenced by the images of refugees bobbing in a boat at sea, he created this series. Bottle mail with a cry for help, also floats on the water. Who will find this cry for help or refugee?
The bottles or jars tell the story. He tries to symbolically draw attention to the refugees, giving life to the bobbing bottles.

Their often luminous colours attract the finder's attention to the distress call.
Also on display in a small presentation are Jenny Boot's photographs. This is an introduction to her solo exhibition in spring 2024.

until 18 February
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Here you will find Catrinus Spinder Flessenpost, paintings and Bernard Heesen, glass objects

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