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Workshop: making Ocarina


Make your own ocarina out of clay! An ocarina is an ancient wind instrument. Together with a guide you will first get a tour through the exhibition of Petrit Halilaj. Then you get to work in the studio of Lies van Huet, with your own ocarina.

Make your own ocarina out of clay! An ocarina is an ancient wind instrument. Petrit Halilaj brought together copies of hundreds of archaeological objects for his installation RU. Including an ocarina, one of the oldest wind instruments ever found in the Balkans. 

Together with a guide, you will first get a tour of Petrit Halilaj's exhibition. You will recognize the ocarina in the contemporary installation and discover more about the background of the instrument and Halilaj's work. Then you get to work in the studio of Lies van Huet in the Blokhuispoort (a 5-minute walk from the museum). From clay you will then make your own ocarina, which you can actually play.

Dates: Wednesday 12 October 2022, Saturday 19 November 2022, Saturday 14 January 2023 and 11 February 2023
Time: guided tour: 12:15-13:15 p.m. workshop: 1:30-15:30 p.m.
Price: €51 (includes entrance to the museum/tour of the Petrit Halilaj exhibition)
Starting location: Fries Museum
Workshop location: Atelier Lies van Huet, Blokhuisplein 40, 8911 LJ Leeuwarden 

You can register via the website of Lies van Huet

About Lies van Huet
Lies van Huet is a ceramist and has been practicing for 40 years. Her works arise from an idea and resulting technique. Lies mainly makes and turns stoneware utensils. She is also interested in various firing techniques. The ceramist with her studio in the Blokhuispoort in Leeuwarden, is always open to new impressions and collaborations and thus remains broadly oriented in the craft of ceramics. For example, Lies collaborated with other international artisans on the work Us Heit by Éric van Hove, on display at the Fries Museum. Connecting to the works of Petrit Halilaj, she delved into making Ocarinas.

About Petrit Halilaj
The Fries Museum presents Petrit Halilaj's (Kostërrc, Kosovo, 1986) first exhibition in the Netherlands. Two of Halilaj's renowned projects,RU (2017) and Shkrepëtima(2018), are now on view in Leeuwarden. While RU revolves around heritage and archaeology, with Shkrepëtima Halilaj explores theater as part of community life and opportunity for reflection on identity.

Petrit Halilaj was born in Kosovo in 1986. His works regularly hark back to Kosovo's recent history and the political and cultural tensions in the region. Intimate, personal experiences, are at the core, but his work simultaneously touches on broader, social issues such as freedom and identity, the (re)appreciation of stories and recognition of LGBTQI+. In this exhibition, Halilaj returns with imaginative installations to his native soil: the village of Runik in Kosovo. 

Sign up for the workshop through Lies van Huet's website

11 February
Vanaf € 51,-

Here you will find Workshop: making Ocarina

Fries Museum Leeuwarden
Wilhelminaplein 92
8911 BS Leeuwarden
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