La Fabrique Royale 2018

Street theater festival

On the last weekend of May, the city of Leeuwarden will be given over to cultural showmanship, during the Frisian Street Festival. Come and be enchanted by spectacular, wildly exciting stunts and impressive and moving performances by local and international artists. Acrobatics, new circus, theatre, and more will be filling the streets of Leeuwarden, whilst music and dance will have a place in the limelight as well. The city centre is being transformed into one large playground for unique street theatre troupes, artists, acrobats; jokers, dancers and musicians. It’s all for free, on the 24th and 25th of May.


  • Friday the 24th of May 2019from 19:00 to 23:30
  • Saturday the 25th of May 2019from 13:00 to 23:30


  • Free!


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