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Lecture by Kader Abdolah about the Persian poet Rumi

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The lecture by Kader Abdolah about the Persian poet Rumi, in the Dorpskerk Huizum, Leeuwarden, Thursday, December 7, 2023, 8:00 PM. Entrance fee €10.00.

The lecture by Kader Abdolah about the Persian poet Rumi,
organized in collaboration with the Foundation for Universal Sufism Northern Netherlands,
Cultural stage Village Church Huizum, Leeuwarden,
Thursday, December 7, 2023, at 8:00 PM

What do we know about the writer Kader Abdolah?
Kader Abdolah is the writing pseudonym of the Iranian exile Hossein Sadjadi Ghaemmaghami Farahani (Iran, 1954). He was born in Arak in the Farahani region, a region where Islam is strictly followed.
While studying physics in Tehran, he joined a secret left-wing party that fought against the dictatorship of the Shah and later that of the Ayatollahs. He writes for an illegal magazine and publishes two clandestine collections of short stories under the combined first names of two friends (Kader and Abdolah) from the resistance who were murdered.

In 1988 he fled from Iran to the Netherlands. Struggling with the language, he starts writing his stories in Dutch. In 1993 he made his debut with the short story collection 'De eagles', for which he was immediately awarded the important debutant prize 'Het Gouden Ezelsoor'.

His latest book
In the latest book, Kader Abdolah describes a mystical journey through the life of the Persian poet Rumi.
'What you seek, seeks you' has become a triptych, in which Abdolah has incorporated a novella about the life of Rumi and translated about ninety poems and fifty stories by the Persian master. With this work, Kader Abdolah offers his personal selection of Rumi's awe-inspiring work to the Western reader.
A very necessary work, by Rumi and Kader Abdolah, in a time of haste and great unrest, to take a moment to reflect on life.
'What you seek, seeks you' is not so much about Rumi, but about us: humans, in our purest and most beautiful moments.

Photo: Yvette Wolterinck.

The entrance fee is €10.00. Entrance tickets can be purchased digitally in advance via the Ticket Office:

There is little parking space at the church. Visitors can park - within walking distance and for free - in the spacious car park opposite Intratuin (south side of Tijnjedijk).

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until 7 December 2023
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Here you will find Lecture by Kader Abdolah about the Persian poet Rumi

Huizum Dorp 67
8934 BS Leeuwarden
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