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StoryTrail Theatre Walk Leeuwarden


Adventurous city walk with storyteller Deodorus. Experience the sagas, legends and historical stories of Leeuwarden.

Storyteller Deodorus is your guide on an adventurous journey through the city's history. Come along and meet the heroes and villains of the distant past.

Storyteller Deodorus takes you back to the time when Leeuwarden was a city of deep poverty and exuberant wealth. Princes and paupers lived around the corner from each other. Wandering through the inner city, Deodorus tells you what it all led to.

You experience stories about the princely silver that miraculously disappeared. About social uprising and sacrifice. About crime, betrayal and love.   

How will all these stories end? And what you can still see of them in the streets of Leeuwarden today? You will discover it during the StoryTrail Theater Walk, a delightful narrative adventure full of excitement, speed and humor.

16 April until 13 August

Here you will find StoryTrail Theatre Walk Leeuwarden

Binnenstad Leeuwarden
8911 DE Leeuwarden
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