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Exhibit The painters of the Frisian Country

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In the exhibit "The Painters of the Frisian Country," paintings are brought together that highlight the farmer, the landscape, the animals and the farm buildings through the eyes of artists who all share the same love: love for the "heitelân. (fatherland)

How did artists throughout the centuries depict Frisian farm life and the countryside on canvas and paper? The exhibit "The painters of the Frisian countryside" at the Fries Landbouwmuseum shows just that. The exhibition with more than 90 works of art runs until November 1. The exhibit is also accompanied by a book by Zwolle-based publisher WBooks with the same title, which is also available in a Frisian-language edition.

In "The Painters of the Frisian Country," we see how artists captured Frisian rural life, including the farmer, the landscape, the animals and the farm buildings in their art over the centuries. All these works together show a huge variety of artistic expressions: from realistic, figurative, impressionist, expressionist, fine painting and naive art to abstract. In terms of technique, there is also a great variety: from drawing, print, etching, gouache and watercolor to oil and acrylic. It is a colorful mix of artists: known and unknown, sometimes working professionally through fixed rules, others from urge and hobby in naive style. From Symon Accema and Gerrit Benner to Egnatius Ydema and Ids Wiersma. 
They share a common characteristic: the love for their surroundings and the people, animals and buildings that literally figure in them. The museum was able to call on several Frisian Museums and artist foundations for loans. Also on display is a wide range of work by artists still living. Linked to the exhibition is an activity programme during the season with workshops and lectures.

until 31 October
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