mata hari gekleed in een kanten jurk van venitiaans kant

Mata Hari “Lady of Fashion”

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Andere Museum van Oldtimer tot Kant
Oostersingel 8
8921 GA Leeuwarden
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Mata Hari may have been the most fashion-conscious woman of the early twentieth century. She wore the most beautiful dresses in order to seduce the richest businessmen. When travelling, her luggage consisted of no less than ten steamer trunks with the most beautiful expensive dresses, fans, fur stoles and jewellery. She bought her clothes at Hirsch in The Hague, where Queens Emma, Wilhelmina and Juliana also did their shopping. 

The 't Andere Museum van Oldtimer tot Kant has an exhibition with fashion trends from the period 1900-1930, with the clothing of the Lady of Fashion as a guide. Fashion changed around 1920, from buttoned-up blouses, long skirts and corsets to short skirts, low waistlines and cloche hats. Did the end of style icon Mata Hari mark the end of a fashion trend?


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